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Feinstein’s Run: The Story That Won’t Di(Fi)

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It just wouldn’t be a new week of California politics without a little buzz over a possible Dianne Feinstein run for governor.

DiFi" "I am not a . . . candidate?"

Nothing terribly exciting here, just a quick weekend post on pointing out that Senator DiFi actually has weaker numbers than the only Democrat in the race, Attorney General Jerry Brown, when hypothetically matched up against the Republican contenders for governor.

Ok, not all that weaker — but a minor surprise nonetheless given that Feinstein is generally considered to be the only candidate who could jump into the race, at this late point, and possible deny Brown the party’s nomination.

And that’s the key word: late. As in, getting very late in the game to get into the race and beat Jerry to the finish line.

The numbers:

Feinstein 43%, Meg Whitman 42% 

Feinstein 43%, Steve Poizner 39%

Brown 43%, Whitman 39%

Brown 45%, Poizner 35%

If you’re in California, and would rather stay indoors than go outside and dodge the raindrops, here’s a more complete look at the polls numbers, courtesy of Rasmussen Reports.

Check out the January-September comparison to see which, if any, of the candidates are on an upward slope.


Written by Bill Whalen

January 25, 2010 at 7:23 pm

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