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The Conflicted California Voter?

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An oft-used cliché in California political circles is “the conflicted voter” — that is, the “prototypical” Californian who wants lower taxes, more government services, tougher crime laws, and a kinder-gentler society.

Kinda like the dieter who wants to lose weight, but eat whatever he craves.

The California Field Poll is out with a new profile of the state’s electorate — specifically, its attitude toward a budget fix. Turns out Californians aren’t so conflicted when it comes to taxes and spending. 

Here’s the full report in pdf form.

Some highlights:

— Californians favor spending cuts over tax increases as the primary means of dealing with the state’s $20 billion budget deficit.

50% say it should be done entirely or mostly through spending cuts. Just 13% want to go with higher taxer. 29% want a hybrid solution of taxes and spending cuts.

— Californians don’t want to change the two-thirds requirement for approving state budgets. However, it’s a 47%-43% split in  favor of the status quo.

— But they do favor (51%-37%)  making it tougher for voters to amend the state constitution — from a simple majority vote to a two-third requirement.

— Hard time make for hard feelings. 63% of voter don’t feel the state government responds to their needs. Yet — and here’s the disconnect — 75% think the state can deal with its major problems without making fundamental change to the constitution. In other words, all it takes is for lawmakers to get along better.


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March 2, 2010 at 6:55 pm

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