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Move Over, Jerry, for the MoveOn Challenger

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Say goodbye to California’s one-man Democratic gubernatorial primary.

On Tuesday, Peter Schurman announced his challenge to Attorney General Jerry Brown. Schurman’s a former executive director of the  political action group.

He says he’s in the race because the Democrats need  bolder stances.

Then again, shyness has not been a problem for Mr. Schurman. In January, he organized an “emergency rally for health care” in front of the San Francisco office of California Sen. Dianne Feinstein. In June, he encouraged his Twitter followers to tweet their tentative liberal senators and demand health care reform.

Here’s Schurman’s official statement:

“Our Democratic standard-bearer must take bold stands on the key issues facing California – like closing our budget gap by making corporations, big commercial property owners, and the richest people pay their fair share.”

“We have to break the Republican minority’s stranglehold on our state, by ending the 2/3 rule for raising revenues. Democracy means a majority vote, not rule by a few obstructionists.”

“Six-plus years of Republican mismanagement have left California in a fiscal and civic crisis. We’ve got to win the Governor’s office, and the way to win is to fight for our core values, not run away from them. We have to campaign vigorously, on our principles. Nothing less will be enough to beat Whitman’s corporate, Wall Street billions.”

Think there will be a debate? Well, maybe a rally outside Jerry’s home in Oakland.


Written by Bill Whalen

April 7, 2010 at 10:00 am

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