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Campbell, Taxes and the 2 Toms

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Tom Campbell

Californians are getting two images of Republican Senate hopeful when it comes to taxes.

There’s Terrible Tom, the guy who wants to tax you in the ground.

Or so goes the attack from the American Future Fund, an Iowa-based conservative group that’s spending $1 million for a week’s worth on cable-tv ads denouncing Campbell’s “20-year record of higher taxes and spending”.

That’s the same AFF that went after the Obama Administration and its friends in Congress on health care reform.

The same AFF that may want to get a good lawyer, as the anti-Campbell ad uses the Beatles’ “Tax Man” — a no-no, as far as copyrighted music’s concerned.

For the record, it marks the second time in the Senate primary that  a conservative 501(c)(4) has gone postal — er, video — against Campbell.

The National Organization for Marriage also ran a tv ad last month suggesting Campbell’s no different from Barbara Boxer, given his support of same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, there Transparent Tom, who handed over his tax returns to the San Jose Mercury News and challenged his rivals to follow his lead.

In case you’re curious, Campbell reported an adjusted-gross income of $443,426 (his wife filed separately, to protect her privacy).

Where did he earn his money? $140,283 came from being a visiting law professor at Chapman University; another $12,022 came from Campbell’s last days at UC-Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.

Campbell also earned $713,105 as a director of the boards of Visa International and FormFactor, a Bay Area semiconductor manufacturer (the candidate resigned from both boards after he decided to run for Senate).

Campbell paid $147,236 in federal taxes and $39,690 in state taxes.

 A potential vulnerability should he win the June primary: he donated only $600 to charity in 2009.

btw, all’s quiet on the western front as far as tax returns go: other than Campbell, no senatorial or gubernatorial candidate has yet to go public with their love notes to the IRS.


Written by Bill Whalen

April 20, 2010 at 9:21 am

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