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Goodbye, Columbus . . . Hello, Debate

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Columbus in the New World

On this day in this history, Christopher Columbus and his men stumbled upon an island somewhere in the Bahamas and the New World was discovered.

That was 518 years ago.

California’s governor’s race seems almost as long.

Columbus was, of course, a governor himself (of Hispaniola).

Contrary to popular belief, he was not succeeded by Jerry Brown.

He sailed with approximately 86-89 men.

Roughly the same compliment as Meg Whitman’s traveling staff.

Over the years, Columbus has been accused of waging genocide, getting high on opium and bringing syphilis to Europe.

If that’s not enough, some say the “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” was gay and not authentically Italian.  Maron!

In other words, Columbus would be right at home here in California and a governor’s race featuring a Democrat who, we’re told, is surrounded by at least one misogynist and a Republican who, we’ve been led to believe, is an immigrant-intolerant Simone Legree.

Let’s hope for a positive, high-spirited gubernatorial debate tonight — and minimal time spent rehashing Meg’s former housekeeper and Jerry’s voice mail.

I happen to believe we can spend the final three weeks of this election on a high note: an upbeat discussion about California’s future.

Forget the mudslinging and the staged outrage.

Instead, let’s hope the candidates choose instead to focus on taxes and spending, better schools, rebuilding our infrastructure, and closing the divides that separate us.

I believe that the two hopefuls who want to lead us on this voyage will indeed appeal to the electorate’s better nature.

btw, I also believe the earth is flat . . .


Written by Bill Whalen

October 12, 2010 at 8:36 am

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