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California Democratic Party mailer: a bomb that hit the wrong target

During the Second World War, Sir Arthur Harris, the British RAF’s Air Chief Marshall, came up plan to hasten the demise of Nazi Germany. His plan: unleash a brutal “area bombing” campaign upon the German homeland — the purpose being to drop massive payloads day after day until the enemy’s morale was thoroughly eroded.

Problem was, Harris’ plan didn’t undermine civilian morale, as he’d anticipated. Moreover, because it wasn’t precision bombing, the raids at times were wildly inaccurate. 

"Bomber" Harris

I thought of “Bomber” Harris after receiving the above mailer from the California Democratic Party.

I’m flattered the CDP would reach out to me. Unfortunately, for them, I voted last week — so much for affecting my morale.

Besides, I’m registered with the other party. In terms of reaching the right target, this would be like aiming for Berlin, Germany, and hitting Berlin . . . New Hampshire. 

So what list, do you suppose, are the Democrats using? Not a very productive one, I’d contend, if I’m on it. 

How many such mailers have ended up, in the last few days, with other registered Republicans?

And, since it’s not like the California Republican Party is sitting idly and twiddling its thumbs, how many GOP mailers are making their way, like Arthur Harris’ errant ordinance, into the homes of registered Democrats?

It just goes to show that politics is California is pain-staking, expensive . . . and not exactly cost-effective.

Bombs away!


Written by Bill Whalen

October 13, 2010 at 7:23 pm

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