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Some light weekend reading for you — a few surveys which, imho, capture the essence of this election.

They are:

1) A Washington Post-Kaiser-Harvard survey that shows a sky-high distrust of government (note that congressional Republicans fare worse than their Democratic counterparts; only the military gets a good grade). 

2) Real Clear Politics’ average of a generic congressional vote. Midway through October, the GOP enjoyed a 6.8-point advantage (48.1%-41.3%). Other RCP averages: President Obama’s approve/disapprove is 44.6/49.6; Congressional approval/disapproval is 21.2/71.6; national right track/wrong track is 30.8/63.5. In all, bad news for the party in power.

3) An Ipsos survey from bellwether Wisconsin, where the Republican gubernatorial nominee has a double-digit lead, while Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold trails by 7. Feingold trails badly on the question of “best person to help generate jobs”. Arguably the worst place for a candidate to be in an economic-intensive election.

4) Gallup’s annual Governance survey, showing Americans cling to the middle ground on size and scope of government (the two areas in which voters are most receptive: consumer protection and protection from foreign threats). That doesn’t bode well for the party of big spending, big regulation, and big healthcare.

5) Meg Whitman doing better than Jerry Brown among undecideds, according to the most recent USC UVote 2010 poll. Is this a function of Meg outworking Jerry, or simply spending him into the ground? Is this even a barometer? Or, given the high number of undecideds, is California in for a very late Election Night?

Enjoy the weekend. I’m going to spend part of it reading up on California’s recount process.

Just in case . . .


Written by Bill Whalen

October 15, 2010 at 8:00 am

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