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Giving Thanks

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I’e been celebrating this week’s holiday on the high seas. Thanksgiving dinner will be enjoyed in the Britannia Restaurant of the Queen Mary 2, while the great ship makes its way north from Grand Turk to Pier 12 in Brooklyn.

So while we’re on the subject of giving thanks . . .

Let’s start with the obvious and give thanks for the great state of California. Love it or hate it, how many other corners of America give you the options of deep-fried turkey on the beach or apres ski pumpkin pie?

As much time as is spent on this blog and others pointing out all that troubles us concerning California, nature provides us with a bountiful harvest.

I’m thankful for Leland Stanford, for having the foresight to buy land in Palo Alto —  and Herbert Hoover, for choosing not to set up a think tank in . . . well, I was gonna say Fresno, but that got someone else in trouble.

I’m thankful for Pete Wilson, for taking a chance and bringing me to California way back when. I lost count this year of the number of folks who told me he was the last governor who seemingly had a handle on the state’s affairs. Amen to that.

I’m thankful for Arnold Schwarzenegger, for giving me a lot to write and talk about these past seven-plus years. He’ll be missed.

I’m thankful for Jerry Brown, for . . . let’s wait a year on that one.

I’m thankful for the Internet. Those of you who grew up in the age of typewriters, white-out, dictionaries, library stacks and snail-mail know what I mean.

My old man . . . and the sea

I’m thankful for my big sis — super supporter, super mother to two wonderful girls who blossomed into joyous women, and the super-glue that holds our little family together.

I’m thankful for having had a loving mother — I lost her during my second year in college, but that’s 20 years more than some sons ever get.

I’m thankful for “PG”, for taking me to Forbes Field and Three Rivers Stadium as a kid. There’s no greater love than a grandmother suffering through a Reds-Pirates doubleheader. 

Finally, I’m thankful for my father, who happens to be my cabinmate on this voyage.

My old man’s a self-made man who served his country dutifully and watches over his family and friends loyally. I’ve never met an individual more knowledgable of so many subjects. Or someone with as generous a nature to those he loves.

My father’s had some health issues of late, so time with him is eer more precious.

I hope he has many good years and gentle seas still to come.

And I hope he deems me worthy of sharing his name.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving. See you next week.


Written by Bill Whalen

November 23, 2010 at 8:42 am

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